What’s your return policy?

Most if not all onsite and consignment auctions are sold AS/IS with no guarantee. However or monthly auction some items are sold with a one week guarantee.

What are the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions vary from auction to auction. Announcements  will be printed in advertising as well as announcements before the auction starts

What do you charge to do a auction

That's a tough one to explain each auction is evaluated on its own and a pricing package is presented to the client after the initial consultation. We do offer competitive rates


Do you charge sales tax

It depends on the auction. In Arkansas some types of auctions require sales tax and some do not. If tax is to be charged it will be announced before the auction. If it is charged and you hold a resale exemption permit we must have a copy of that at registration. At our monthly auction sales tax is always charged

What is required to register at a auction

At all auctions a photo ID as well as a current address and phone number is needed to register. In some occasions say a large equipment auction a bank letter of guarantee may also be needed. If that is the case it will be listed in the advertisement

I only have two or three big items can you help me

Absolutely if there is not enough to do a auction just for you we can take your items and consign them to one of our facility auctions.

What type of items do you not deal with 

If it is a estate or onsite auction we will sell what ever needs to be sold. If you are consigning to one of our facility or consignment auctions here is a list of a few things we don't accept: Firearms, Cloths, Yard sale items, Damaged furniture, TV's (unless LCD LED or Plasma), VHS tapes Please contact us and we can let you know if we are able to take your items